600044 Serpent Cobra GT-E 1/8 Roller

600044 Serpent Cobra GT-E 1/8 Roller
    Levertijd:3-5 dagen
  • Beschrijving

  • 600044 Serpent Cobra GT-E 1/8 Roller
  • Levertijd 3 dagen

  • Wanneer op voorraad leverancier 3 tot 5 dagen levertijd..
  • Cobra GT-E raceroller 1/8 Electric Powered The Raceroller version of the successfull high end Serpent 1/8 Cobra GT . 
  • Pre-assembled and factory pre-set chassis with clear GT body with large rear wing and premounted 1/8 GT tyres. 4-wheel-drive, 3 geardiffs, 16mm bigbore shocks, aluminium shocktowers and chassis, easy radiobox, low batteryboxes. 
  • Fully upgradable with parts and options from the high end race-version. 
  • This super durable GT chassis allows a great entry in the racing scene, at a lower cost, and will make you finish your races !
  • Specifications
  • Class: 1/8 scale 4wd GT-e Raceroller
  • Purpose: clublevel racing and parking lots
  • Suspension: fully independent
  • Drivetrain: cardan shafts, 3 gear diffs
  • Shocks: RCM shocks with membrame
  • Wheelbase: 328mm
  • Width: 305mm
  • Manual: full color manual
  • Decals: 2 sheets
  • Included: pre-assembled raceroller, clear body, tyres-wheels
  • Not included: radio equipment, speedo, motor , batteries, charger, tools